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What Do Mermaids Eat IRL?

MÈR-MÈR  |  Mermaid Smoothie Mix 🍹

It's already a known fact that when mermaids decide to live their lives on land, they use Mèr-Mèr Monoï to maintain their magical flowy manes, right? ;)

But what on earth do they eat? The memorable scene from Splash comes to mind...you know the scene where Allen (Tom Hanks) takes Madison (Daryl Hannah) out to a nice restaurant for dinner - when the lobster is served, Madison immediately recognizes it and grabs it whole with two hands and devours it in a few crunchy bites!

Let's just say, Mermaids have learned to be more subtle nowadays. 

Inspired by our Mèr-Mèr Monoï ingredients, here's a smoothie dedicated to all the mermaids out there who are feeling homesick from the sea...and not to worry, this recipe does not require any lobsters! 


What you'll need:

1) Emerald Smoothie :    

- Spirulina (2 tsps, can put more but it does have a strong scent!)

- Kiwi (3, ripe for more sweetness)

- Banana (2, ripe for more sweetness)

2) Pink Smoothie :          

- Strawberry (8)

- Cherry (10, pitted)

- Peach (4, pitted and ripe for more sweetness)

3) Coconut milk (or other milks you prefer)

*Optional toppings / additives : coconut flakes (unsweetened), cocoa nibs, golji berries, granola, almonds, protein powder and/or honey. 


The benefits: 

-Spirulina: Strengthens the immune system and boosts the energy level. 

-Kiwi: A good source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects your skin from free radicals.

-Banana: Improves your mood, it regulates blood sugar and produces stress-relieving relaxation. 

-Strawberry: Great source of fibre and vitamins C, K. 

-Cherry: Slows the aging of skin, each fruit is packed with powerful antioxidants. It contain natural melatonin, which helps you to sleep better at night. 

-Peach: A great source of vitamin C and can help reduce anxiety, in Hungary peaches are often referred to as the "Fruit of Calmness". 

How to make:

(for 2 servings)

-Mix each smoothie (1.Emerald and 2.Pink) separately with 3/4 cup of coconut milk in a blender.

-Pour each smoothie mix into an ice tray, and leave it in the freezer overnight. 

next day...

-Throw 4 frozen Emerald Smoothie cubes into the blender, depending on how you'd like to have smoothie, add 1/2 cup of coconut milk if you'd like it in a bowl with a spoon OR add 2/3 cup of coconut milk if you'd like it in a cup.  

-Throw 6 frozen Pink Smoothie cubes into the blender, same idea, depending on how you'd like to have smoothie, add 2/3 cup of coconut milk if you'd like it in a bowl with a spoon OR add 1 cup of coconut milk if you'd like it in a cup.  

-Pour the Emerald Smoothie first into the cup, then pour the Pink Smoothie on top. 

-Sprinkle the smoothie with your choice of toppings! 

Et voilà! 

The perfect way to prolong the hazy summer days...We hope you enjoy. :)

Q: So, What is Monoï?

To the untrained ear, Monoï (pronounced: mah-noy) might just sound like a delicious tropical ice cream flavor, but in ancient Tahitian, it really means "scented oil"...and monoï oil is just that - a romantically scented oil. 

"What is Monoï?", is a question we get asked a lot. So, we decided to breakdown the process for you in a fun diagram we made with paper cut-outs!

Monoï oil is made by soaking the petals of Tiaré flowers in refined coconut oil. You know the pretty white flowers that are usually used for leis (flower necklaces) or for wearing behind the ear? Well, they are also known as the Tahitian Gardenias. Monoï oil was used to soften and protect hair and skin from harsh sun rays, insects and salt water. This is a 2,000 year old technique that has been perfected through the ages.

For the picture diagram, you can follow along below. 👇😉

We hope this helped to explain a little more about this exotic ingredient. We were inspired by our Tahitian Monoï Mud face masque to create our new haircare line, Mèr-Mèr Monoï and we hope your mermaid hair dreams will come true...

Changing to Mèr-Mèr Monoï

#TheProductsFormerlyKnownAsMermaidMonoi  ✌️😜 

We followed the footsteps of the late Prince (The Love Symbol or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) and changed the name of our haircare line...

When we launched Mermaid Monoï, we were approached by a perfume brand who had an issue with us using the word "Mermaid", claiming their sole right to use the word. Though their claim is questionable, we grew tired of their bully ways. So, to avoid future migraines, we decided to change the word and completely wash them out of our hair. ;) It all worked out for us in the end - we swiftly went back to the drawing board and came up something we LOVE a lot!

So, how did we come up with Mèr-Mèr Monoï (Pronounced: Mare-Mare Mah-noy)? To explain, we formulated a fun little word equation:

Mermaid = Mother (mère) of the Sea (mer), we combined mère and mer and we got mèr. We then doubled it, because we're big fans of Tintin and because one mermaid is never enough! Also, the word 'Maremare', in Tahitian means sparkling, as the salt water at nightWe'd like to imagine Mèr-Mèr Monoï to be the name of a mystical maiden, flowing beneath the waves. 

The good news is that we will be extending our Gift With Purchases for all Mèr-Mèr Monoï pre-orders! This includes, The Mystic Hair Kit (receive a free Artifact Girls are Mermaids t-shirt) and for any individual Mèr-Mèr Monoï products (receive a free Honey Marshmallow lip masque), until quantities last. You can check them out here

Same products, slightly different name, but still Bottled By Mermaids! It feels great to finally have these products come to life after a year of developing and formulating. Now we can't wait to get these products in your hair!

Thank you all for your patience and support, it really means a lot.


Narae + Elie (Founders) xo

Mermaid Monoï Coming Soon

Hello everyone! Even though we are now in September, summer is not officially over just yet - so don't you panic. Let's all take in a deep breath and think of hot lazy days, listening to records lying on the cool floor, hearing ocean waves and feeling sand between your toes...because we have something to tell you that might cheer you up! 

What if we told you that you could extend your summer? Or at least your summer hair. 

On Monday, September 12th, we will be launching three new hair care products called Mermaid Monoï, inspired by our Tahitian Monoi Mud face masque. 

All three products contain the key ingredient Monoï de Tahiti, which is based on two unique ingredients: Tiaré, the ‘beauty flower’, is rich in active compounds known for its soothing and purifying properties. Polynesian Coconut, the ‘white gold’, is a silky, refined coconut oil that is exclusively grown, on the coral soil of French Polynesia. In the new collection, we've created a hair masque called Glossy Mane to strengthen, condition and hydrate; hair oil called Tiaré Tails to repair, prevent and protect; and hair mist called Milky Waves to texturize, soften and style. 

You know that scene in The Little Mermaid, where Ariel is walking out of the sea towards Eric, in that sparkling dress with her hair looking on point? That's basically our #hairgoals.

All three products will be available as a special pre-order next Monday (Sept. 12). Be sure to check back!  

Chat soon,

the kids from Artifact. xo

Artifact | Free People

We are so excited to announce that Artifact products can now be found at Free People! 

Free People has launched FP Beauty & Wellness, a curated collection of all natural products and we are so happy to be a part of it! Cruelty free, always. #FPBeautyandWellness

Artifact Gift Cards

We now have Gift Cards available! 

Artifact Gift Cards are the perfect gift for all occasions.

We offer Gift Cards valued at $25, $50, $100, $200

Shop Gift Cards here

Artifact Turns Two!

Artifact has turned two! Hold onto your pants because we've got a lot in store for you this year. Thank you all for the support, it means the world. 

To show our thanks, we have a special birthday weekend offer coming up, so keep an eye out!


Team Artifact. xo

Pink Clay | Konjac Sponge

Just Landed! Introducing the newest member of the Artifact family, Jeju Island Pink Clay Konjac Sponge. This mild pink clay infused konjac sponge gently purifies and regenerates for those who have dehydrated + fatigued skin. 

You can use the sponge on it's own or with a cleanser. Use daily and it can last up to 3 months. This is definitely a fun (and effective) addition to add to your daily skincare routine!

We hope you enjoy.


Team Artifact. xo

Artifact in NYC

Hi everyone!

We will be at the Axis Show next week! September 17th - 19th, 2015 in NYC @ Pier 94. We are so excited to be part of this show and to be exhibiting in New York!

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