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How do I apply the masque?

Start with a clean face. Use the blue spatula, provided with each masque, to scoop out the product onto the back of your hand. Then use your Masque Brush or your clean fingers to apply the product on your face. Remember, this is a natural product so avoid getting your icky finger germs directly into the jar. This helps to keep your masque as fresh as possible and eliminates the chance of water or bacteria getting into the product.


How often should I use my masque?

You should use your masque once or twice a week. For the Bali Papaya Rice masque, it is recommended to use it only once a week because it is an exfoliating masque. As for the Egyptian Honey Rose you can use it as often as you like!


Where should I store the masque?

Keep your masque stored in a cool, dry place. It is best to avoid direct sunlight and contact with water. 


Are your products natural?

Our products are 99.5-100% natural. We always aim to have our products as natural as they can be, never compromising on quality and effectiveness of the product.


What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products have been tested for a shelf life of 12-24 months. To keep the products fresher longer, it is best to keep products in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight. 


Are your products tested on animals?

Not a chance! All of our products are tested on humans only. :)


Do your products contain any nut oils?

Yes, our products do contain some nut oils. They are listed below:

- Egyptian Honey Rose masque contains Almond Oil

- Moroccan Tangerine Clay masque contains Argan Oil and Shea Butter*

- Glacial Coast Detox masque contains Jojoba Oil*

- Brazilian Supermask masque contains Babassu Oil*

- Mint Clementine / Cinnamon Sage lipbalms contains Shea Butter*

- Honey Marshmallow lip masque contains Shea Butter*

*Shea Butter, Jojoba and Babassu Oil: these oils typically do not irritate people with nut allergies, since they are made from the seed and not from the nut. Everyone's skin reacts differently, so we strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before if you have any nut allergies. 


Where can I find your products in stores?

You can find our list of retailers who carry our products on our Stockists page.